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"The Cabinet Door Making Solution"

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About Us

Founded by Gene Hammond, Gene has over 25 years experience in Software development.

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Software Development


Since 1987, Hammond Consulting (then known as Vertical) has been developing Doorlister®, "The Cabinet Door Making Solution". Doorlister® is used by Cabinet Door Manufacturers internationally and all across the United States.

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Over the years as Doorlister® began to grow in users and features and there became a demand for making drawer boxes also. Hammond Consulting developed the Drawer Box Module as an add on to Doorlister to help fill this need.

As time moved on, new companies began to ask for Drawer Box manufacturing capability for companies that do not make cabinet doors. This became the seed that led to the current Drawerlister™.

Drawerlister™ is currently available as a tightly integrated with Doorlister®, or as a "stand alone" software solution for the manufacturer of Drawer boxes.


Prior to Hammond Consulting, Gene spent over 20 years in the woodworking industry working in cabinet, door, and furniture manufacturing.

Armed with a BS Degree in Mathematics and woodworking experience, it was a natural for Gene to go into software development for the woodworking industry.

Customized Software

Hammond Consulting does many custom projects for wood working manufacturers. Usually these projects are hinged around Doorlister® and are tailored to spedific needs of the client.

Companies like Cal Door or Morgan Hill, CA and Valley Custom Door of DePere WI have highly customized versions of Doorlister® that have been designed for their spedific needs.


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